I'm a software engineer and web application developer based in Italy.


Lato, a Ruby on Rails admin panel

The Lato project is a group of Ruby on Rails engines used to create admin interfaces without spending time to develop the UI components and other functionalities like the auhentication or the management of the media attachments.

Ruby Evnt, CQRS and Event Driven Development for Ruby

Evnt is a Ruby gem that offers a pattern to design softwares following the Event Driven Development and the CQRS architecture.

Ruby Satispay

Ruby Satispay permits the usage of the Satispay API on Ruby applications. It is an unoffical porting of the PHP API library that can be used to create charges and refunds.

Salvinipsum, a trash random facebook posts generator

Salvinipsum is a React.js client and a Ruby on Rails server application used to generate trash randomic posts from public pages contents. It uses Facebook API to retreive contents from pages and mix them to generate new posts.


To get informations write at: info@gregoriogalante.com